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Local Bred - Sharjah Horse Festival

One of the main goals of establishing the Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club is to showcase the highborn and elevated progeny of Arabian horses and today they are organizing a LOCAL BRED - Sharjah Arabian Horse FestivalThanks to a cooperation with the C. Jarvis Insurancewe are able to publish the Live Results & Livestream for FREE on our website.

Results: Click Here
Livestream: Click Here
Show Website: Click Here



European Championships - Livestream

This year the European Championships will be held at a new location „Azelhof - Lier”.

The 2014 Results will be published LIVE on this website and during the show, we will be working together with & C. Jarvis Insurance Agency to broadcast this unique event in Europe LIVE & FREE all over the world.

The European Championships will start: Saturday 25th of October 2014 @ 8:30 AM

Livestream: Click here
Live Results: Click Here
Show Website: Click here

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